Pallet box container

COOL Sarl manufacturer of eutectic liquids and gels offers a line of Ice boxes, coolers, insulated containers, hot plates, eutectic plates for cold chains …

Insulated container CHARIOT BOX

Insulated Containers PALLETStackable containers intended for transport on standard carriage with 7 rails spaced 10 cm each, double swing door hinge equipped métalliques.Renforts front of the container and metal handle. Carries 6 trays stainless GN 1 / 1 (height 20 cm each). Scheduled for stackable bins, trays or baking dishes (60 x 40 cm).
ReferenceDescriptionExternal sizeInternal sizeVolumeUnits/Box
28873CHARIOT BOX800 x 600 x 850650 x 510 x 7302421

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