Containers accesories

COOL Sarl manufacturer of eutectic liquids and gels offers a line of Ice boxes, coolers, insulated containers, hot plates, eutectic plates for cold chains …

Our selection of Expanded Polypropylene Insulated Containers is available with a number of accessories, allowing you to create the configuration of your choice depending on your needs.

Cooling Top

Accesories insulated containers Cooling TOPEutectic Plates Support for GN Cool Pack and GN Hot Plate
ReferenceDescriptionUse with ReferenceNo. Units / Box
10083GN 1/110020 – 10053 – 10110 – 1343316
11083GN 1/211020 – 1104312
1268360×4012613 – 12673 – 127308


Accesories insulated containers FrameBooster containers EPP GN 1 / 1 and Ice Box Cream.Idéal to gain height
ReferenceDescriptionDimensionsNo. Units / Box
13483FRAMEExtension 18 cm8

GN Insert

Accesories insulated containers InsertSupport to the insertion of several elements.
ReferenceDescriptionDimensions extUse with ReferenceNo. Units / Box
10073GN INSERT600 x 400 x 8510020 – 1005316

Midpiece vertical

Round Insert

Accesories insulated containers Round InsertInsert diameter 26 cm for liquid container for safe transport.
ReferenceDescriptionDimensions extUse with Reference
12198ROUND INSERTAdaptator12043 – 12063

Cold Plate

Accesories insulated containers Cold plateCover basic EPP can receive a battery and a cooling tray GN 1 / 1 and its lid.
ReferenceDescriptionDimensions extDimensions extNo. Units / Box
21160COLD PLATE600 x 400 x 80530 x 325 x 451
21190NCOLD PLATE600 x 400 x 80530 x 325 x 451
31190COLD PLATECouvercle

Hot Plate

Accesories insulated containers Hot platePlate at temperature for containers EPP counters or buffet presentation. Plate, light and robust – heated to 75 ° C in 5 minutes.
ReferenceDescriptionDimensions extUse with Reference
70021HOT PLATE325 x 340 x 34(12 V – 100 W) Cable setsBox GN Pizza Classic
70031HOT PLATE360 x 230 x 35(230 V – 150 W) Removable cableMenu M
70051HOT PLATE510 x 325 x 34(230 V – 250 W) Cable setsGN 1/1
70061HOT PLATE510 x 325 x 34(230 V – 230 W) Removable cableGN 1/1

Separateur GN 1/1

Accesories insulated containers SeparatorIntermediate plate for horizontal separation of pans with 2 openings for better ventilation.
ReferenceDescriptionDimensions extUse with Reference
32199SEPARATOR530 x 330 x 2GN 1/1


Accesories insulated containers thermometerCover GN 1 / 1 equipped with a thermometer for HACCP integrated digital temperature control from -30 ° C to +90 ° C, equipped with an alarm function.
ReferenceDescriptionUse with Reference
10098THERMOMETERCouvercle GN 1/1

Mini Trolley

Accesories insulated containers TROLLEYRemovable trolley. Maximum weight: 250kg
ReferenceDescriptionDimensions extUse with ReferenceNo. Units / Box
70280MINI TROLLEY615 x 415 x 170GN 1/11
70290MINI TROLLEY700 x 500 x 170BOX 60×401

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