Stackable containers

COOL Sarl manufacturer of eutectic liquids and gels offers a line of Ice boxes, coolers, insulated containers, hot plates, eutectic plates for cold chains …

Insulated container FLEXIBOX

Containers StackablesClever stacking system: Each party may serve either as cover or box. Various useful heights, which may serve as a lid or container.
2D (80 to 120 mm) for 5 heights of Use (80-120-160-200-240 mm). With molded handles and bottom skid.
Can be combined with other containers and lids.
Compact, flexible and economical.
Ideal for cold dishes, cake dishes, pizza or pastries.
ReferenceDescriptionExternal sizeInternal sizeVolumeColorUnits / box
10110FLEXIBOX GN1/1600 x 400 x 125538 x 337 x 8015Grey9
10113FLEXIBOX GN1/1600 x 400 x 125538 x 337 x 8015Black9
10133FLEXIBOX GN1/1600 x 400 x 165538 x 337 x 12021Black7
10093FLEXIBOX GN1/1Additional CoverBlack1
10095FLEXIBOX GN1/1Additional CoverBlue1
10097FLEXIBOX GN1/1Additional CoverRed1
12730FLEXIBOX 60×40685 x 485 x 125625 x 425 x 8018Grey4
12733FLEXIBOX 60×40685 x 485 x 125625 x 425 x 8018Black4
12753FLEXIBOX 60×40685 x 485 x 165625 x 425 x 12032Black3
13693FLEXIBOX 60×40Additional CoverBlack1
12695FLEXIBOX 60×40Additional CoverBlue1
13563FLEXIBOX 60×80860 x 670 x 175810 x 615 x 12060Black4
13533FLEXIBOX 70×50760 x 560 x 125700 x 500 x 8028Black4

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