Pizza container

COOL Sarl manufacturer of eutectic liquids and gels offers a line of Ice boxes, coolers, insulated containers, hot plates, eutectic plates for cold chains …

Insulated container FRONTAL PIZZA

Insulated containers PIZZAErgonomic case with front-loading box for pizza, fresh salad, etc. …
Separation foods hot and cold …
Location available for eutectic plates and GN HOT PLATE.
Advertising space, weight 2kg.
ReferenceDescriptionExternal sizeInternal sizeVolumeUnits/Box
12300FRONTAL PIZZA490 x 490 x 540420 x 492 x 47083 Liters1

Insulated container FLEXIBOX PIZZA

Insulated containers Flexibox PIZZABuild your own pizza boxes. System stack reversible two layers.
Clever stacking system: Each party may serve either as cover or box.
ReferenceDescriptionExternal sizeInternal sizeVolumeUnits/Box
12213FLEXIBOX Pizza410 x 410 x 100350 x 350 x 455 Liters12
12233FLEXIBOX Pizza410 x 410 x 150350 x 350 x 8010 Liters8

Insulated container BOX GN PIZZA

Insulated containers BOX GN PIZZAPizza insulated container available in many formats. Ideal for pizza delivery in light vehicle (LV).
ReferenceDescriptionExternal sizeInternal sizeVolumeUnits/Box
12013GN PIZZA CLASSIC410 x 410 x 165350 x 350 x 100127
12023GN PIZZA CLASSIC410 x 410 x 240350 x 350 x 175215
12043GN PIZZA CLASSIC410 x 410 x 330350 x 350 x 265323
12063GN PIZZA CLASSIC410 x 410 x 390350 x 350 x 330403
12123GN PIZZA-M480 x 480 x 165420 x 420 x 117215
12153GN PIZZA-M480 x 480 x 260420 x 420 x 200354
12163GN PIZZA-XL595 x 595 x 165535 x 535 x 117334
12173GN PIZZA-XL595 x 595 x 280535 x 535 x 217623

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