Insulated containers EPP

COOL Sarl manufacturer of eutectic liquids and gels offers a line of Ice boxes, coolers, insulated containers, hot plates, eutectic plates for cold chains …

Insulated container ICE CREAM

Container ICE CREAMSpecial transport ice cream counter and traveling to shows, movies, beach. Two compartments can be opened and loaded separately. Adjustable textile strap with cushioned portion at the shoulder.

See our line of insulated containers ICE CREAM

Insulated container PIZZA

Container PIZZAIdeal for delivery of hot products and / or fresh produce (salads, cold drinks …). Easy storage. Movable walls can separate hot and cold. Compartment for eutectic plates and hot plate HOT PACK.

See our line of insulated containers PIZZA

Insulated container FRONTLOADER

Container FrontloaderPortable and lightweight / Excellent grip, Room monobloc battery slot available for condenser cooling elements and hot plates NG HOT PACK

See our line of insulated containers FRONTLOADER

Insulated container GASTRONORM

Container gastronormThe integrated handles make loading and unloading. Ergonomic handles for easy carrying heavy loads.

See our line of insulated containers GASTRONORM

Insulated container DINNER

Container MENU DINNERInsulated container for reusable food tray (aluminum / plastic / porcelain). Notch bottom for easy removal of plates.

See our line of insulated containers DINNER – MENU

Insulated container STACKABLES

Container stackableClever stacking system: Each party may serve either as cover or box. Various useful heights, which may serve as a lid or container.

See our line of insulated containers STACKABLES

Insulated container TROLLEY BOX

Container trolley boxStackable containers intended for transport on standard carriage with 7 rails spaced 10 cm each, double hinged door equipped with metal hinges.

See our line of insulated containers TROLLEY BOX

Insulated container BOTTLE BOX

Container BOTTLEThe expanded polypropylene insulated containers for bottles are ideal for transporting your bottles safely

See our line of insulated containers BOTTLE BOX

Insulated container BIG SIZE

Container BIG SIZEInsulated containers made of polypropylene foam Large volumes are ideal for transporting large volumes

See our line of insulated containers BIG SIZE

Accesories for insulated containers

Accesories insulated containerOur selection of Expanded Polypropylene Insulated containers are available with a number of accessories, allowing you to create the configuration of your choice depending on your needs.

See our line of Accesories for insulated containers

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