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Eutectic gel

COOL Sarl manufacturer of eutectic liquids and gels offers a line of Ice boxes, coolers, insulated containers, hot plates, eutectic plates for cold chains …

Discover our different types of coolant gel (eutectic pouches) available in 200g and 400g, each having a specific range of temperatures from-30C ° to 2 ° C:

To help you identify the eutectic liquid contained in the plate you need for your cold chain, see the table below:

Liquid TypeT°C restitution coldAdvised freezing T°CFreezing duration
COOL 0°C+5°C a +10°C-18°C24h
COOL -3°C+4°C a +8°C-18°C24h
COOL -12°C+2°C a + 4°C-18°C24h
COOL -16°C-10°C a -3°C-22°C24h
COOL -21°C-24°C a -18°C-28°C24h
COOL -25°C-25°C a -21°C-35°C24h
COOL -30°C-33°C a -29°C-40°C24h

Our line of gels eutectic is compatible with all these temperatures:

Eutectic pouches 400 g

Sachets eutectiques 400 GEutectic flexible pouch
French manufacturing
Size : 150 x 200 mm
Qualité : PA/PE 120 micrones
Weight: 400 g
Volume of gel : 348 ml

Eutectic pouches 200 g

Sachets eutectiques 200 GEutectic flexible pouch
French manufacturing
Size :150 x 200 mm
Qualité: PA/PE 120 micrones
Weight : 200 g
Volume of gel : 174 ml

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