COOL Sarl manufacturer of eutectic liquids and gels offers a line of Ice boxes, coolers, insulated containers, hot plates, eutectic plates for cold chains …

There are many jobs from industry or craft, using the cold chain as part of their activities. Cold chain includes all the means used to keep food refrigerated at a low temperature that allows to keep healthy while maintaining their nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the place of production to the consumer.

Similarly in the health sector, with the transport of blood, organs, drugs or vaccines, cold chain must be properly enforced to meet the quality control. Since 1984, COOL™ implements all its expertise and professionalism to assist you in control of your cold chain. Whether in the field of health, the food, COOL™ has developed solutions with the best value for money to meet your cold chain.

COOL™ is located in La Voulte-sur-Rhône in Ardèche at 20 km south of Valence (26). First specializes in the manufacture of eutectic liquids for major brands of appliances, COOL™ was developed in the manufacture of products for compliance with the cold chain.

COOL™ has developed and marketed for many years icepacks constituting real cold batteries alone. In addition to the existing equipment, they can respond to any problems of packaging and handling isotherms, storage and transportation of fresh or frozen.

A know-how: Eutectic liquid.

It is a liquid that, once solidified, returns from the cold at a constant temperature fusion of eutexie. COOL™ provides icepacks with eutectic mixtures with different melting points of positive or negative.

Eutectic plates sold by COOL™ dimensions are known gastronorm (studied and designed to meet the standards of European dimensions). They do not lose their shape to freezing and sealing is guaranteed by an ultrasonic welding.

Eutectic plates COOL™ are products of high reliability that can be reused as many times as the user wishes. The plates must first be frozen at temperatures below 6 ° C or lower their melting point. Once frozen, they return constant cold and has considerable autonomy.

All our products are non-toxic and the plates are manufactured in an area secured by the quality label “food”, high-density polyethylene. COOL™ offers a wide range of eutectic plates quality and a range of bags of frozen eutectic so-called “consumables”.

In addition, for the transport of your products, COOL™ has selected a manufacturer with ISO 9002, a range of insulated containers professionals with an excellent price.

COOL™ products are aimed at all professionals in the health (Health Services, private laboratory or state, hospitals, etc.). And the food industry (CHR, Communities, food business, etc.).

The desire to COOL™ is to continue to make satisfactory full applications submitted by the parties concerned to control the cold chain, all sectors combined.